The Fierce Urgency of Now in Gait Rehab

Being able to walk makes a big difference in leading an independent and fulfilling life.

Millions of patients need intensive gait rehabilitation to restore their quality of life. Think of patients with a neurological disorder like CVA, Parkinson’s or MS, or people recovering from a foot, knee or hip operation. In most rehab programs, unfortunately, they only receive up to 30 minutes of gait rehab per day during the crucial first 12-18 months.

Even worse, as our populations get older, even more support is required but resources are limited.

There has to be a better way…

Ceriter Stride One

Our State-of-the-Art Gait Platform

Our Stride One platform supports fast and easy verification of therapeutic hypotheses by clearly visualizing gait patterns. This allows a physiotherapist to configure real-time auditory cues that help patients exercise correctly and independently. Therapy progress between visits can be followed remotely.

Our platform also supports patients in their Activities of Daily Life with auditory cues, continuously improving quality of gait and increasing mobility and independence.


Improve gait rehabilitationHealthcare professionals

  • Verify your therapeutic hypotheses based on objective data
  • Easily configure real-time audio cues to improve exercise quality and frequency
  • Track patients’ efforts and progress in between visits
  • Motivate patients by showing real progress over time

Regain confidence in walkingPatients

  • During recovery from CVA and trauma, regain your natural way of walking as much as humanly possible
  • For Parkinson’s Disease, increase your step length, overcome Freezing Of Gait and walk with confidence again

Improve clinical studiesPharmaceutical industry

  • Measure & track patients continuously and drive down duration and cost of clinical studies
  • Obtain better data and create stronger clinical evidence for the therapeutic impact on gait, for patients with Parkinson’s, CVA and other diseases

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