For patients recovering from a stroke (CVA)


Stride One can help you walk better again

Stride One consists of:

  • A state-of-the-art platform allowing your physiotherapist to configure specific real-time audio feedback that helps you walk better and which is triggered by your actual gait
  • light, easy-to-wear insoles that provide the data to trigger the real-time audio feedback
  • a smartphone or -watch that generates the audio

CVA (Stroke)

Regaining your maximum of functionality after the accident is your top priority. In order to achieve that, increased exercise intensity is crucial. This means not only to exercise frequently but also correctly. 

Using our Stride One, you can exercise more, as if the therapist were walking beside you, both in the rehab center and at home. It ensures you exercise the right way and it increases your motivation to exercise more regularly during the crucial first 18 months after the accident. 

The physiotherapist can track both frequency and quality of exercise remotely, discuss it with you at your next visit and use the insight provided to adapt the next exercises to your actual progress.



Comfort & Discretion: a light and thin insole

Our light and thin insole can easily be inserted into any shoe. It is discrete and patients do not feel any difference with a normal insole. The sole contains various sensors that measure walking parameters.

A small and inconspicuous Cericom box (3cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm) sends the data to a smartphone wirelessly. The Cericom is connected to the insole and can be attached to the side of a shoe with a simple clip.

Easy-to-use: a simple app on your smartphone

The Ceriter device comes with a smartphone that has our app pre-installed. Activating the device is as simple as clicking the on-off button in the app – no unneeded bells and whistles that complicate things.

The app comes individually configured for you by your physiotherapist to have the right audio-feedback to improve your way of walking.


Walk better: audio feedback to support your training

The app on the smartphone continuously monitors and analyzes your walking pattern. When you walk as per the physiotherapist instructions, the smartphone provides personalized audio feedback (such as a bell sound) to indicate you are on the right track. Your goal during the exercises will be to go look for the bell at each step.

The more you exercise shortly after your CVA, the higher the chance you will regain a better gait.

Connected: share your data with your therapist

Your Stride One collects valuable data about your way of walking and makes it available to your physiotherapist. This will allow him / her to better understand your actual progress and reconfigure the Stride One to adapt your exercises to continue to improve your gait.