For patients with Parkinson's Disease


Ceriter can help you walk better again

For patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease with Freezing of Gait. Ceriter uses:

  • a light, easy-to-wear insole and a smartphone
  • audio feedback to restore a normal walking pattern

Parkinson's Disease

Freezing of Gait

Many people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease suffer from Freezing of Gait (FOG). While FOG can be reduced by medication for some patients, there is no effective treatment for many others.

If you are suffering from FOG, Ceriter may help you overcome this. Our device detects when Freeze happens and provides audio feedback specifically configured for you to help you interrupt freezing. It is easy to wear and comfortable.



Comfort & Discretion: a light and thin insole

Our light and thin insole can easily be inserted into any shoe. It is discrete and patients do not feel any difference with a normal insole. The sole contains various sensors that measure walking parameters.

A small and inconspicuous Cericom box (3cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm) sends the data to a smartphone wirelessly. The Cericom is connected to the insole and can be attached to the side of a shoe with a simple clip.

Easy-to-use: a simple app on your smartphone

The Ceriter device comes with a smartphone that has our app pre-installed. Activating the device is as simple as clicking the on-off button in the app – no unneeded bells and whistles that complicate things.

The app comes pre-configured for you with input from your care professional to have the right audio-feedback and other parameters so that detection and feedback work well for your way of walking.


Walk better and safer: audio feedback to improve your gait

The app on the smartphone continuously monitors and analyses your walking pattern. When an abnormal pattern like Freezing of Gait is detected , the smartphone provides personalised audio feedback to help you return to a normal gait.

Using our device will enhance your safety by reducing the number of episodes of Freeze, thereby reducing risk of falls. It will also allow you to lead an independent life longer by increasing your confidence in your own capabilities.

Connected: share your data with your therapist

As your Ceriter device collects valuable data about your walking condition, you can choose to share this data with your neurologist or physiotherapist. This may reveal patterns in your condition that would otherwise remain undetected and can be used to optimise your medication or treatment.